Architekten Jabornegg & Palffy



Project : Schlosshotel Velden
Project team: Architekten Jabornegg & Pálffy,
cooperation Juraj Mikulaj and others
Status: Built
Location: Velden, AT
Size: 39 000 m2
Photo: Jabornegg&Palffy

2004 - 2007


The complex Schlosshotel Velden on Wörthersee is created by three groups of blocks that are joined to the historical palace. The horizontal lines of new buildings give a promenade character to the complex.

The ensemble is composed in a way which gives a high attention on the old castle. The main hotel functions are orientated to the park and to the lake. The spa area forms a barrier between the private zone of the hotel and the busy touristic life in the resort. Its interesting glazed facade allows beautiful lake views from inside.