Project :  Reconstruction of administratic building
Project team: Andrea Ambrovičová, Juraj Mikulaj, Jana Matlovičová
Status: Architectural competition
Location: Bratislava, SK
Size: 6409 m2
Visualizaton: ARCHITEKTI mikulaj & mikulajova



We have taken part in an invited design competition. The issue was to redesign an existing office building and to propose apartments as well as the new headquarters for a real estate company.

We are on Vajnorska, one of the busiest streets of Bratislava. We propose 39 apartments in the upper floors, large offices on the 2nd floor and a cafe with mensa in the ground floor. Parking house on the own land is part of our proposal as well.

The lighting conditions in this building are very complicated. A significant grid on the facades comes out of the construction principle of the house. Vajnorska is a noisy street, this is why we propose a „layer“ of loggias between the apartments and the outside. This space works well – as a noise protection and as a sun protection of the flats as well.

The house has a representative urban character, fitting well in its surroundings.