Architekten Jabornegg & Palffy


Project : Slovenská sporiteľňa
Project team: Jabornegg&Palffy
cooperation Juraj Mikulaj and others
Status: Built
Location: Bratislava, SVK
Size: 50 900 m2
Photo: Jabornegg&Palffy

2005 - 2008


The new SLSP headquarters became a dominant landmark in the cityscape and a new architectural focus in Bratislava.

The building has a geometrical form and is from outside clearly divided into two parts with two different functions.

Beside transparency and visual connections with the surrounding urban space, typical feature of this architecture is a covered atrium inside. The atrium creates a protected outside space within the building and its four sides form the internal circulation zone. Thanks to storey-high double facade and transparent elements inside the building, the spaces on the various floors offer wide views of the surrounding city and landscape.