Project : House in Koliba
Project team: Andrea Ambrovičová, Juraj Mikulaj, jana Matlovičová, Radoslav Kurcz
Status: Architectural study
Location: Bratislava, SVK
Size: 167,5 m2
Visualization: ARCHITEKTI mikulaj & mikulajová



South-west land in Bratislava Koliba offers a panoramatic view of the city. The house is located near the forest out of the rich neighborhood with dense areas.

A small hilly plot needs a sensible approach. The house is located in the upper part of the area and is rotated to the south - the building has more sun and a nicer view. It was necessary to hide the driveway for cars and allow the movement around the property. Therefore, the house edges are beveled. Difficult access to the land and the small built-up area needs entry to the house in the basement. Basic level follows the slope of the terrain and creates maximum connection between the interior and the garden. Private part of the basic level is oriented to the east. Part of the living space is visualy connected with study in the attic.The rest of the attic is a private space for the child and a sauna with the sunroof. Face brick nicely fits into the environment.