Project : Family house Považská Bystrica
Project team: Andrea Ambrovičová, Juraj Mikulaj, Jana Matlovičová, Tomáš Chovanec
Status: under construction
Location: Považská Bystrica, SVK
Size: 261,3 m2
Visualization: ARCHITEKTI mikulaj & mikulajová



The building plot for this family house lies in Šebešťanová, a part of the town Považská Bystrica. Not a big district of the town is stretched to the west from river Vah and has the character of a mountain village, not really of town. In this area, most of the houses are built in a traditional way with a saddle roof.

We design a house on a large plot of almost 3000 qm which lies in a slight slope. The house itself is situated on the top of the site, enjoying beautiful view to the hill Velky Manin and to the natural resort Maninska tiesňava from this place. We have kept a simple contour of a traditional country house with a saddle roof, which appears very naturally in this area. Most of the living spaces – the living room with the kitchen and the dining area, as well as the bedrooms, are oriented to the walley. In the upper part of the building site, there is the second object with a parking place, the sauna and the service spaces.

When choosing the building materials, we have used the possibilities of the owner, who works in the field of steel and concrete industry. This is the reason why reinforced concrete, brick and steel roof structure are the main building materials. The interior is designed mostly with wooden elements which are combined with raw concrete ceilings. This material scheme gives the house a warm and cosy atmosphere.