Project : Brick house Záhorské Sady
Project team: Andrea Ambrovičová, Juraj Mikulaj, Jana Matlovičová
Status: under construction
Location: Záhorská Bystrica, SVK
Size: 322,8 m2
Visualization: ARCHITEKTI mikulaj & mikulajová


Pohlad 1.jpg
Pohlad 4.jpg

To build one day a brick house – this has always been on our DREAM JOBS list. Soon the wish will become true in Zahorske Sady, a region close to Bratislava and to Carpathians.

We design a house for a big family on a building plot with view to the mountains. This house is actually created by three brick houses, joint together by transparent glass pavilions. In this way the sun can enter all the interior spaces although the orientation of the plot is not perfect.

Three brick houses = three function units. In the largest unit there is the night zone of the house – the sleeping rooms and the rooms for children. The brick house placed in the southern part of the plot is the space for the living room and the library. In the smallest brick house there is the carport and the garden service.

The glass pavilions create important spaces – the smaller one is the entrance hall with view to the garden. The main glass pavilion is the most important space of the house – the kitchen with the dining room. This will be the core of the family life, oriented on both sides to the garden - on the west to the brick terrace and on the east to the pool.

All the brick houses are of massive construction with rather small windows, placed on the walls like pictures. The glass pavilions instead are light and open spaces with beam roofs. There is one axis connecting all the units of the house, ending with beautiful view to the garden.