Project : Family house in Zelené Terasy Devín
Project team: Juraj Mikulaj, Andrea Ambrovičová, Jana Matlovičová, Patrícia Janská
Status: Invited architectural competition
Location: Bratislava, SK
Size: 200 m2
Visualization:  ARCHITEKTI mikulaj & mikulajová



The project of this family house is based on an invited design competition.

The building plot offers a beautiful panoramatic view over the castle Devin. The house is situated on the corner of a street, in a slight slope. The entrance to the house as well as to the garage are both on the upper floor, on the highest point of the building site.

The living zone is situated here in the upper floor, with the view to the castle hill. The main terrace is connected with the garden but one can not see the acting on the terrace from the street.

The night zone is oriented to the garden, situated in the underground. The console over the facade protects the sleeping rooms from the heat in the summer.