Project : Country House Jablonové
Project team: Andrea Ambrovičová, Juraj Mikulaj, Jana Matlovičová, Radoslav Kurucz
Status: under construction
Location: Jablonové, SVK
Size: 320,4 m2
Visualization: ARCHITEKTI mikulaj & mikulajová



Country house Jablonove is an interpretation of a traditional, country – style house.

Traditionally, typical slovak houses in the countryside used to be created by two objects - the brick house, used for living and the wooden barn, used as a homestead space.

In Jablonove, we propose the same principle: in the brick house there is enough place for living and the wooden house nearby serves as the garage and as the storage. The spectacular space of the brick house is an open gallery over the living room.

The house and the wooden garage are connected by “gánok” - typical element of traditional country houses in Slovakia. Ganok is a place for arrival, entrance to the house, meeting or morning coffee. Sliding shutters made of wood are also adaptation of the history.