Project : Campus Danubius
Project team: Andrea Ambrovičová, Juraj Mikulaj, Martina Vnenková, Radoslav Kurutz
Status: Invited architectural competition - 2.prize
Location: Bratislava, SVK
Visualization: ARCHITEKTI mikulaj & mikulajová




                                                                              The concept works on a principle of „a town in a town“. Campus is an autonomous structure with its intensive inner life on one hand, but communicating with the town and the public in an intensive way on the other hand.

The functions are logically spread in a monolith, that is perforated by three courtyards of different spirit. This is the way how a spatially rich structure is created. The main atrium

acts like a public square with an urban flair, attracting people from the town to come in.

The second atrium is semi-public and it serves as a green relaxation garden for the sudents. The smallest courtyard is a calm, private place for the study and the concentration. This volume conception creates spaces with an ideal human scale and enriching visual connections between them.

The world of the campus comunicates with the town in two layers – through the public spaces in the groundfloor, the arcades and the square, as well as through the semi-transparent facade.

The roof is a place where all the sport activities are located – this is how the students can enjoy a beautiful view over the city every day.