Project : Apartment in Ružinov
Project team: Andrea Ambrovičová, Juraj Mikulaj
Status: Built
Location: Bratsilava, SVK
Size: 83 m2
Photo: Tomáš Manina



Reconstruction of a twenty-year-old flat in a house built at the beginning of Ninetees as a panel construction scheme. Architect Juraj Mikulaj was at the same time investor as well as the future user of the apartment.

Originally, the 80 m² flat was designed as a four-room apartment with an isolated kitchen. With a minimal intervention, the architect achieved maximal effect – after cancelling two partition walls in the living zone, an airy, open living space was created, visually merged by an oak floating floor.

Dominant components in the living zone are the kitchen sideboard made of stainless steel and an original, intentionally bared concrete wall in the living room. Its rough beauty creates an interesting contrast with smooth and glossy surfaces of stone, glas and stainless steel. Sophisticated structural details are present in the design of this flat.