Project :  Apartment house Stupava
Project team: Compass Architekti + ARCHITEKTI mikulaj & mikulajova - Matej Grebert, Juraj Mikulaj, Andrea Ambrovičová, Jana Matlovičová, Tomáš Chovanec
Status: Under construction
Location: Stupava, SK
Size: 3700 m2
Renderings: ARCHITEKTI mikulaj & mikulajova



This project was created in cooperation of two architectural studios – Compass architekti and ARCHITEKTI mikulaj & mikulajova.


The house is situated on the northern edge of Stupava, on a parcel with south-western orientation. The volume is defined by the outline of the land – its slopes, orientation and position towards the main road.

We propose here 36 apartments of different size – smaller 1- to 3-room apartments on three typical floors and larger 4-room apartments with terraces on the top floor. There is a loggia or a terrace, 1 or 2 parking places and a storage belonging to each flat.

The underground of the building is partially sunk into the terrain. In this way, the house appears to be floating over the ground. Three of four facades are created by horizontal loggias, made of steel and natural wood. This system serves as well as a support for the climbing greenery, protecting the flats from the sun and the noisy street and giving them privacy.

These significant natural elements create an interesting architectural expression of the house, fitting in this way well into the surroundings of Little Carpathians.